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"Genpact - A 21 year old startup."

Tiger Tyagarajan ,CEO, Genpact tells you how at Genpact the teams continue to foster a startup culture that values curiosity, courage and fast and flat decision making to drive true transformation-and make a difference.

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Genpact is one of the "11 Best firms in India for Data Scientists to work for - 2020", according to Analytics India Magazine. We have been rated highly on the learning and growth opportunities for data scientists, and our positive work culture.  

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"Re-skilling talent at scale in the Age of AI"

Gianni Giacomelli, Genpact's Chief Innovation Officer shares how Genpact has designed a scalable infrastructure to deliver customised  re-skilling paths for thousands of employees to meet a growing need for new skills.

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Genpact Recruitment 

A note on potential Recruitment scams

There are scam artists who pose as recruiters for legitimate companies such as Genpact, so job seekers should take a note of the following guidelines:
  • All Genpact recruiters have Genpact.com email addresses and Genpact employees solicit candidates through their genpact.com email addresses. If you receive a solicitation from someone stating that they work for Genpact, check the email address. If the email address is gmail.com, yahoo.com, hotmail.com or another address that is not a genpact.com email address, then the recruiter is not a Genpact employee. If the mail address misspells Genpact's name, it is not from Genpact. 
  • Genpact requires interviews before extending a job offer.
  • Genpact does not charge fees to process job applications. Genpact does not require applicants to pay to participate in our hiring process in any other way. Examples of scams include purchasing a "starter kit", or paying to submit an application or purchase equipment or training.
  • If the "recruiter" tells you s/he saw your resume on a named site - but you are not familiar with that site, please be wary.
  • If the "recruiter" ask for your social security number, bank account information, or other sensitive personal information at the application phase, please be wary. Genpact does not request this information until after a job offer has been extended, and the applicant has accepted.
 If you are not sure whether or not a Genpact communication or career opportunity is legimitate, please refrain from responding to it. 
The best way to locate job opportunities at genpact is to visit our careers page at https://careers.genpact.com/